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50 Funny Sales Team Names to Boost Morale

Adding a little humor to a stressful sales job can go a long way. It’s been proven that a funny team name can help boost morale, break the ice with clients, and make cold calls a bit more enjoyable. 

Instead of using a generic name like “Sales Team 1,” why not get creative? To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a massive list of funny sales team names categorized for easy browsing.

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50 Funny Sales Team Names to Boost Morale

Punny Names

  1. The KPIrates
  2. Quota-rhead
  3. The Lead Eaters
  4. B2Cashrockets
  5. The BANTshees
  6. The Funnel Cakes
  7. Commission: Impossible
  8. The (Pipe)Line Dancers
  9. The Win-chester Mystery House
  10. The Win-dianapolas Close-ts
  11. The Lead Zeppelin

Movie References

  1. The Wolf of Sales Street
  2. Glengarry Glen Ross Rejects
  3. Men in Black Ties (B2B)
  4. Catch Me If You Can Close a Deal
  5. The Social Network (of Qualified Leads)

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Pop Culture References

  1. The Office 
  2. The Closer Encounters
  3. The Shark Tank 
  4. The Hunger Games 
  5. The A-Team (of Sales)
  6. The Deal or No Deal Deciders
  7. The Game of Phones

Animal-Related Names

  1. The Moneypennys
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street (but ethical)
  3. The Closer Clams
  4. The Commission Cats
  5. The Lead Magnets

Spirited Team Names

  1. The Coffee Closers
  2. The Yes Men & Women
  3. The Prospect Persuaders
  4. The Discount Dodgers
  5. The Pacific Powerhouses
  6. The Unicorn Closers
  7. The KPI Karaoke Kings & Queens
  8. The Caffeine Crusaders
  9. The Objection Obliterators

Sales Savvy

  1. The Presentation Posse
  2. The Objections? Overruled! 
  3. The Pipeline Playmakers 
  4. The Coffee Clutch Closers 
  5. The Cloud Closers
  6. The Click-Conversion Crew
  7. The Discount Detectives 

Goal Getters

  1. The Quota Quenchers 
  2. The Chasing Rainbows & Revenue 
  3. The Yes, And… Association 
  4. The Ninja Negotiators 
  5. The Revenue Rockstars
  6. The Social Selling Sirens

The Bottom Line

A funny and creative sales team name can boost morale, create a sense of camaraderie, and make the sales job more enjoyable. With the above list of funny sales team names, you can find one that suits your team. Remember to consider your company culture and target audience when choosing a name. 

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