Non-Financial Rewards

We have written about the linkage between money and sales rep behavior (see links below), but money is not the only way to motivate your sales team members and there may be times when you need to motivate using additional methods or alternatives to financial rewards.

Here are some of the key ways to motivate reps using non-monetary rewards:

1. Recognition – Most people appreciate being recognized for their accomplishments. Certainly, many sales people are competitive and will enjoy the spotlight when they have done well. The recognition can be a big shout out in front of the whole team or a simple pat on the back fro a job well done, but in any case, this is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to reward your reps.

2. Gifts and Prizes – Sales people love a good competition! Prizes such as trips, trinkets, gift certificates, gas cards and dinner vouchers can create great incentives for reps to over-achieve.

3. Flex Hours – I have never been big on working hours, placing more emphasis on achieving goals. So for the reps that meet or exceed targets, I have always given them the opportunity to work flex hours or take some time off. This always proved to be a big motivator in spite of the fact that overachievers typically aren’t interested in a whole lot of time off.

4. Training – If your organization is large enough you can offer the opportunity to be mentored by a senior member of the team when someone meets their targets. This offers a unique chance for the motivated to advanced their career.

5. Status – Similar to recognition, formal achievement awards work very well for rewarding sales reps. ¬†President’s Club is the typical program that companies set up to recognize sales achievement, however other awards such as profit, customer wins, and customer service awards can also be useful in motivating positive behavior and providing appreciated rewards to the sales reps.


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