The Sales Hiring Challenge

Let’s be frank. Sales hiring is not easy. Yet hiring salespeople who are capable of hitting or surpassing their sales targets consistently can be the difference between success or failure for a company in a competitive industry or sector.

The pressure to ‘get it right’ never goes away. Statistics show that at least 50% of the reps on most sales teams are below target. Job churn contributes to a feeling of instability: in many companies, salesperson turnover of 30% per annum is all too typical.

Numbers like these point to wasted time and effort, and result in too much money being spent on training and retraining new hires. It also means lost customers and missed opportunities to generate sales revenue. Weak sales performance can even damage your brand.

Why does all of this happen? Why is it so difficult to hire a sales team strong enough to crank out good numbers year after year?

Traditional hiring approaches don’t work. Here's why…


Sales Reps are difficult to assess. What you see is often not what you get. Sales people are very good at presenting what you want to see in an interview.

Top performers are hard to find. The best candidates are happily employed. They’re not likely to see your job ad, because they’re not even looking for another job. You need to go and find them.

Top performers are rare. Most applicants for your vacant position will be salespeople who are not hitting their numbers. Seeing mediocre applicants one after another can condition the hiring manager to lower the benchmark for hiring.

Time pressure. With the clock counting down on a quarterly target, the sales manager is forced to settle on the best candidate available now, rather than holding out for the right candidate.

Many companies don’t know what they are looking for. The hiring manager might not have benchmarked the profile of the top performers currently on the team, so hiring specs are fuzzy. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you know if you’ve found it?

Some sectors, like tech, or roles, such as selling professional services, demand a special breed. The technology business is a fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment. It features risky ventures, complex and untested products, and stakeholders demanding high growth. Successful sales reps require a very special high octane mix of personal DNA + skills + experience, which means hiring the right person is more complex and the stakes are higher.

Peak performers generate more sales revenue, faster

Challenge of Hiring Sales People

Peak Sales Recruiting specializes in providing B2B sales recruiting services for companies that need to quickly and confidently recruit account executives, leaders or entire sales teams. Our rigorous and proven methodology is configured to your unique requirements, and combines role profiling, targeted headhunting and candidate assessment, augmented with sales recruitment advisory services.

We improve company success by helping to accelerate sales, reduce operating costs, and enhance HR effectiveness, company valuations and investor confidence. Peak Sales Recruiting delivers an unrivaled success rate, and does this through a combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive assessment, and a unique fee structure and guarantee.

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