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Selling to Government 101

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - October 17, 2022

Government departments and entities represent one of the most significant sales opportunities. In fiscal 2021, the US federal government spent about $637 billion on contracts. It’s not all going to defense either – $250 billion in contract spending came from civilian agencies. When you add in state and local government procurement spending, it’s no surprise

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How to Sell Price Increases To Overcome Inflation

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - October 14, 2022

High inflation rates have been a reality for over a year. Whether you look at food, fuel, or other costs, the price of everything is going up. Central banks are doing what they can to combat the problem. In the meantime, salespeople have a unique capability to combat inflation: selling price increases. Why Price Increases

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The 12 Best Sales Books For New Salespeople

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - July 8, 2022

As a new salesperson, you have the opportunity to thrive in one of the world’s most rewarding professions. Finding success in sales takes focus, discipline, and the right knowledge. Read one book a month for the next year, and you’ll be equipped with the critical knowledge and strategies required to succeed. Books On Sales Fundamentals

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How To Grow Accounts After The Customer Signs On The Dotted Line

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - June 15, 2022

Salespeople usually close on winning new customers. This guide will help your salespeople look at your current customers differently. The Risks of Short-Term “Hunter” Thinking In Sales  By tradition, most if not all salespeople see themselves as hunters. This mentality is often captured in the phrase “eat what you kill.” In some environments, like 100%