VP Sales OF A Mid-MARKET company

Why More Sales Leaders Choose Peak

Drive sales success this quarter, this year, and beyond.

As buying processes change, new competition emerges, and sales budgets contract, today’s sales leader is facing more obstacles than ever before to meet today’s and tomorrow’s aggressive revenue targets.

Your ability to meet these challenges starts and ends with the talent on your sales force.

We work with sales leaders like you to build a high-performance sales force by headhunting and recruiting the talent necessary to execute your sales strategy and connect with today’s buyers.

The candidates we headhunt for you will:

Contribute Immediately.
Experience reduced ramp-up times and shortened sales cycles with proven talent that has been successful in your unique selling environment.

Consistently Meet Quota.
The candidates we deliver have driven profitable revenue growth in your target market and consistently hit and exceeded quota for the past 5 years.

Generate More Profit.
The A-players we headhunt drive more profitable customer relationships through upsells, cross-sells, and renewals, while improving customer retention rates.

Our structured, rigorous, and scientific approach integrates and augments your existing sales process, organizational design, and recruiting models to quickly deliver candidates who have exceeded quota over the past 5 years and who have the skills, experiences, and sales DNA necessary to excel in your unique selling environment.

Since every candidate headhunted by our recruiting team is guaranteed to possess the role competencies you need, ramp-up times and training requirements are reduced by up to 80% -  thereby optimizing the return on your sales force investments, and allowing for sales targets to be achieved, faster and more predictably.

Learn more about how we can get you the talent needed to build and maintain a high-performance sales force.