Toronto Sales Recruiters

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Stock your sales team with Toronto’s top sellers.

Just like looking out of the top of the CN Tower allows you to see Toronto in a whole new light, the recruiters at Peak allow your company to see only the best salespeople in the GTA.

Unlike most recruiting firms who are non-sales specific and resort to posting on job boards, our seasoned team only headhunts talent with the skills, experience, and DNA your unique selling environment demands.

Because we guarantee that our service will deliver the candidates needed to drive stronger company sales, performance, and results, more corporate leaders from the 401 corridor have chosen Peak Sales Recruiting as their preferred recruiting partner.

Let us help you fill your talent pipelines with Toronto’s best.

Make a critical hire.
Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot and build a new sales force.
Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Fill your talent pipeline.
Thrill your key stakeholders with your industry’s top sales executives.

Expand in high growth markets.
Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.