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Peak delivers only top-tier telecommunications sales professionals.

In the telecommunications industry, increasing competition and disruptive industry players have consumed market share and radically challenged revenue growth trajectories. This has led to stagnating revenues across the industry while production and service delivery costs have increased. For executives tasked with aggressive revenue and growth targets, maintaining the status quo isn’t an option.

Change the way you attack the market with a sales recruiter who knows your market.

Peak Sales Recruiting specializes in helping telecom clients quickly and confidently recruit industry leading account executives, managers, senior leaders, and VPs.

Whether you have a mission critical hire or are looking to refresh your sales force with a new breed of rep, we’ve successfully partnered with telecom operators that offer:

• Unified communications and collaboration
• Wireless and mobility
• VoIP
• Hosting and application management

  • Detailed Role Profiling.
    Peak establishes a clear definition of the ideal candidate based on your sales model, culture, organizational stage and selling environment.

  • Targeted Headhunting.
    We target and build a pool of the most qualified candidates. Every candidate has beat quota and is guaranteed to meet your exact hiring requirements.

  • Comprehensive Assessment.
    We produce the ultimate shortlist of candidates by conducting performance verification checks, traditional and behavioral interviews, and psychometric profiling.

  • Full Advisory Services.
    Peak delivers more than great talent. Our clients receive strategic insights including compensation data, workforce trends, and sales talent management strategies.

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