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Seizing a leadership position in the cutthroat and ever changing technology sector requires a sales force capable of penetrating key accounts, growing new markets, and displacing industry incumbents.  

If recruiting sales talent who have proven to meet and beat their targets is a priority, you need Peak Sales Recruiting.

We only headhunt proven sales professionals who possess the skills, experience and DNA required by technology companies that specialize in:

• Software
• Hardware
• Semiconductors
• Internet services
• Artificial intelligence
• IoT
• Biotech
• IT & cyber security

No search firm invests as much effort and resources towards ensuring your sales recruiting projects are a success. We utilize technology, experience and interconnected networks, to ensure your organization lands sales talent who are not only capable of meeting your business development goals but fit into your corporate culture.

  • Detailed Role Profiling.
    Peak establishes a clear definition of the ideal candidate based on your sales model, culture, organizational stage and selling environment.

  • Targeted Headhunting.
    We target and build a pool of the most qualified candidates. Every candidate has beat quota and is guaranteed to meet your exact hiring requirements.

  • Comprehensive Assessment.
    We produce the ultimate shortlist of candidates by conducting performance verification checks, traditional and behavioral interviews, and psychometric profiling.

  • Full Advisory Services.
    Peak delivers more than great talent. Our clients receive strategic insights including compensation data, workforce trends, and sales talent management strategies.

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