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From enterprise-size deals to complex solutions…Peak only delivers top software sales professionals.

Peak Sales Recruiting understands the unique challenges that professionals in software sales have and the skills they require to navigate the solution sales process. Whether your organization is looking for a Senior Account Executive, a Regional Manager, or a VP of Business Development, we only deliver candidates who will help you meet and exceed your sales targets.

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No other sales recruiter places more top performers into companies in the software industry, and with our extensive expertise and unique approach to the recruiting process, we are able to present your organization only the best, saving you time, effort, and money.

Our ability to identify and attract the top 5% of the sales population that consistently exceed their quota and guide their teams to success stems from three things:

  • Detailed role profiling to ensure a clear definition of the ideal candidate, based on your sales model and culture, organizational stage and selling environment
  • Targeted headhunting that identifies a pool of highly qualified candidates
  • Comprehensive assessment that further highlights the most suitable candidates through verification and background checks, traditional and behavioral interviews, and psychometric profiling

So if you are looking to re-tool or add new software sales and sales management professionals to your team, contact our team today.

+5000 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak for their sales recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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