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Drive growth and transform your sales force…  

We help you recruit Seattle’s top sales talent.

Top performers, the sales professionals who exceed their sales targets year after year, the people who will do what it takes to rise to the top, the people who see climbing Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan as a weekend challenge. These are the sales professionals Peak Sales Recruiting headhunts for you. 

Since 2006, we’ve helped Seattle, Portland, Vancouver based employers find the candidates needed to outsell the competition and drive growth. We can find the best sales talent in the Northwest because we are hyper-focused on one thing, and one thing only – sales recruiting.

Let us help you fill your talent pipelines with Seattle’s best.

Make a critical hire.
Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot and build a new sales force.
Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Fill your talent pipeline.
Thrill your key stakeholders with your industry’s top sales executives.

Expand in high growth markets.
Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.