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From Raleigh and the Research Triangle up to Washington D.C.

We find your organization top sales talent.

The southeastern market is competitive. With more businesses focused on increasing market share in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Atlanta, the need to find sales professionals that will have an immediate impact on top and bottom line growth is heightened.

That’s why more Southeastern B2B companies rely on us to find and recruit the top 10% of sales talent – what we call the Top Performers.

Peak isn’t like other recruiters. Our process is specifically designed to deliver sales talent with skills, experience, and DNA to not only drive sales, but fit your corporate culture. And because sales recruiting is our core focus, we guarantee that the candidates you hire will be top performers in your organization.

Let’s get Raleigh’s top sales and sales management professionals on your team.

Make a critical hire.
Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot and build a new sales force.
Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Fill your talent pipeline.
Thrill your key stakeholders with your industry’s top sales executives.

Expand in high growth markets.
Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.