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From Washington D.C down to Raleigh and the Research Triangle. Peak finds your organization the top B2B sales performers.

The southeastern market is competitive. With more and more businesses looking to increase their market share in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Atlanta, the need to find sales professionals that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line is heightened. That’s why more Southeastern B2B companies rely on Peak Sales to find them the difference makers – what we call the Top Performers.

These are the sales professionals that are less than a dime a dozen, the professionals that represent only 5% of the total sales population, the sales professionals that smash their quotas. And because these people are so rare, and because they are always actively and gainfully employed, it takes a tremendous amount of effort for them to consider a move. That’s why we do the heavy lifting on your behalf, utilizing our network to uncover the talent that most other recruiters don’t even know exist. Then our team actively headhunts these performers.

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Our recruiting process is not like the rest.

Since Peak is not like any other recruiter, we don’t only rely on a person’s resume to determine their likelihood of success within your company. Instead, we put candidates through strict, evidence-based behavioral interviews, as well as psychometric testing to ensure they have the correct skills, experience, and DNA to not only drive up sales, but fit in with your corporate culture. And because we are so confident in our process, we guarantee that the candidates you meet will be top performers in your organization.

So if you want the Southeast’s best sales and sales management professionals on your team, click here to learn more about our scientific methodology, or contact Peak’s Raleigh office now.

+5000 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak for their sales recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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I’m ready. Find me top performers


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