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Peak Sales Recruiting is proud to be featured in leading news publications from around the world.

Here you will find the latest publications featuring Peak's perspective on effective sales hiring, recruiting, and management techniques. All inquires for interviews and guest articles from Peak Sales should be directed to press@peaksalesrecruiting.com You can also connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Modernize Your Recruiting Tactics5 Tips To Modernize Your Recruiting Tactics To Win The War For Talent
June 7, 2017
5 Lessons CEOs Can Learn From Basketball’s Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors5 Lessons CEOs Can Learn From Basketball’s Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors
March 8, 2016
Fortune Logo Peak Sales RecruitingYoung Workers Don't Want Sales Jobs. How To Convince Them Otherwise
December 17, 2015
Logo Forbes5 Ways To Sell Millennials On Joining Your Sales Team
December 11, 2015
reuters logoGreater pay transparency seen as bridging U.S. gender wage gap
October 28, 2015
HR.BLR Logo6 Red Flags Every Interviewer Needs to Know
October 21, 2015
Franchise USA9 Proven Steps to Build a Sales Team from Scratch
October 1, 2015
Inc_Logo_Hire_Millenials6 Reasons to Hire That "Lazy" Millennial by EOD
September 2, 2015
hrpa1Five Costly Sales Hiring Mistakes and Solutions
August 21, 2015
Business Insanity Talk RadioCharacter-Driven Leaders, Top Sales People and a New Workforce
July 7, 2015
HR.BLR Logo5 Ways Recruiters Can Eliminate the Threat of Counter Offers
July 1, 2015
AMA Logo6 Onboarding Tools for New B2B Company Sales Hires
June 26, 2015
HR.com LogoCan Technology Kill B2B Salespeople?
June 15, 2015
Logo Ringlead Sales Recruiting​Avoid These 3 Costly Sales Recruiting Mistakes
June 8, 2015
Recruiter Interview7 Traits of Great Sales People — and How to Spot Them During the Interview
June 4, 2015
Franchising Logo USA7 Tools to Motivate Reps for 2nd Quarter Success
May 29, 2015
CEO Blog Nation B2B Sales Hiring Decision TreeB2B Sales Hiring Decision Tree [INFOGRAPHIC]
May 26, 2015
Logo Alister & PaineThree Secrets for Hiring on Wall Street Versus Silicon Valley
May 20, 2015
HR.com LogoInterview – A Sales Superstar: 7 Tips to Spot One
May 15, 2015
Logo Intuit6 Tips for Hiring Your Next Sales Superstar
May 13, 2015
Business Review Logo USASo you Need to Hire a B2B Salesperson?
May 11, 2015
Canada Business Review Logo[INFOGRAPHIC] Hiring a B2B salesperson
May 11, 2015
Advisor Perspectives 7 Interview Questions to Hire a Sales Superstar
April 28, 2015
Young Upstarts Logo7 Tools To Motivate Sales Reps For 2nd Quarter Success
April 17, 2015
AMA LogoWhy Getting The Right Salespeople on The Bus is Crucial
April 14, 2015
CIO.com LogoDigital Marketing and Death of a B2B Salesman
April 10, 2015
Logo BLR8 Scientific Steps for Hiring the Best Salesperson
April 1, 2015
Logo Maverick MBAInterview: The Secret to Recruit, Hire and Motivate Superstar Salespeople
July 22, 2013
Logo Startups.coBuilding a Sales Team from the Ground Up
February 3, 2015
Logo ForbesJerry McGuire Didn’t Sell Smart
March 4, 2012
Logo Selling PowerInsight for More Excellent Sales Management
November 17, 2012
Logo CNNAre You Unemployable?
March 26, 2008

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