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Get the sales talent needed to penetrate the New York market.

Executing your sales strategy to drive consistent and predictable revenue growth is dependent on the effectiveness of your sales force. And in the New York market, there is nothing more critical than having a sales team with skills, experience and DNA needed to outsell the competition.

That’s what Peak Sales Recruiting delivers.

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From 14th St. to Wall St., our New York sales recruiters help B2B companies quickly and confidently recruit VPs, senior sales leaders, sales managers, account executives, or entire sales teams.

Our structured, rigorous, and scientific headhunting methodology is configured to each client’s unique sales hiring requirements, and integrates and augments your existing sales process, organizational design, and recruiting models.

By combining detailed role profiling, targeted headhunting, and comprehensive candidate assessment, we quickly deliver candidates who possess the role-specific characteristics, competencies, and sales DNA needed to:

  • Penetrate targeted accounts
  • Increase deal win rates
  • Close larger deals, faster
  • Grow accounts

Beat Your Most Challenging Human Capital Objectives.

Whether your sales force is undergoing evolutionary change – such as the elimination and replacement of under performers with talent possessing a new profile– or you’re pursuing transformational change initiatives such as a complete sales force refresh – Peak Sales Recruiting can help.

It’s why more world-class companies in New York City, White Plains, Newark, Jersey City, and the greater tristate area continue to choose Peak to build their sales teams and why Peak has been recognized by Forbes as the #1 sales recruiter in North America and by the Manhattan Award Program as being the leading sales recruiter in New York City.

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+5000 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak for their sales recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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