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57 Sales Quotes To Motivate Your Team in 2017

In a hyper competitive environment like sales, even the best sales professionals need a reminder of what they’re working toward. While resilience is built into their DNA, your top performing sales reps still need a reminder to help them stay motivated. You can include the following quotes in your daily communications, make posters for your office space, […]

Managing a Remote B2B Sales Team

How to Solve the Challenges of Managing a Remote B2B Sales Team

Last year’s Global Leadership Summit predicted that more than half of all employees will work remotely by 2020. For companies used to having a centralized sales force, the move to a remote structure and organizational design has presented sales leaders and their front-line managers unique challenges. Here, we discuss the key challenges of managing a […]

Attitude is Everything

One thing that separates winners and losers: attitude. It doesn’t matter whether it is sports, business or life. People succeed in spite of odds because they decide they want to be successful and will be successful. Their attitude is everything. People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be. — Harvey Mackay Next […]