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5 Sales Team Building Activities That Reduce Turnover Rates

In today’s talent market, voluntary turnover rates are at an all time high. With the average turnover rate across all sales industries being 11.5 percent – software sales holding the top spot at 15.3 percent turnover – it’s more crucial than ever to create a work environment your sales team doesn’t want to leave.   […]

2015 Sales Management Tools Study

Survey Statistics Reveal The Best Sales Management Tools For 2016

There are literally thousands of technologies that can help drive sales growth, close more deals, accelerate rep productivity, and make more informed decisions, so given the sheer number of options, selecting the right sales enablement and management technologies can be time consuming for sales managers. That is why at Peak Sales Recruiting, we wanted to […]

Rob Woodbridge

Mobile Computing Powers Successful Sales Teams – Interview with’s Rob Woodbridge

These days it is tough to talk about sales excellence without talking about the mobile computing technologies that are helping sales teams be successful. We recently caught up with tech entrepreneur, mobile industry expert, UNTETHER.TV host and author, Rob Woodbridge, to talk about the latest mobile technologies and how they are powering leading sales teams. […]

Is Your Team Equipped to Handle the Top Ten Lies Customers Tell Sales

Geoffrey James at BNET continues his series of top ten lies in sales. This week, he posted the Top Ten Lies Customers Tell Sales: LIE #10: “We don’t have the budget.” LIE #9: “I promise to read your brochure.” LIE #8: “I am the sole decision-maker.” LIE #7: “Your competition is much cheaper.” LIE #6: […]