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Inside vs Outside Sales – Are these roles blurring?

There are many different types of sales roles, but traditionally there have been two main divisions in selling: those who sell to the people that come to them (inside sales, aka in-house sellers, aka inbound) and those that go out and hunt down their own prospects then close the deal (outside, those who sell on […]

Social Selling

3 Easy Steps to Social Selling

Social selling; it’s not asking about your client’s weekend or their kids.  It’s about utilizing social media to increase sales.  Do you know how it works and should your sales reps even care? Sales has always been about doing business with people you know.  Networking and leveraging relationships through meetings, conferences, organizations, etc., has been […]

To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

One of our readers asked us whether they should hire a junior sales person or a telesales company. On paper, outsourcing the sales function looks quite attractive. Risk and costs are assigned to a third party that specializes in sales and management overhead is decreased. In practice things are a bit different and here is […]