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cold calling

30 Game-Changing Statistics To Improve Your Cold Calling

The debate continues between sales experts who advocate that cold calling is “dead” and those who see it as “alive”. Truth is, the traditional tactic of cold calling is very much alive and is an important strategy utilized by sales and sales leaders in high-growth companies. Despite this “dead or alive” argument, cold calling offers […]

Top Sales Conferences of 2017

The Top 14 Sales Conferences to Attend in 2017

There’s a little more than one month left of 2016, and if you are a top performing salesperson, you are already strategizing how you are going to meet your aggressive goals for the coming year. Great sales reps understand that continuous learning is critical to sales success. And, to improve their sales skills, grow their […]

5 Best Sales Skills

5 Skills Only the Best Salespeople Possess [Infographic]

Recent research from Inc. demonstrates that only 20% of salespeople consistently exceed quota. This data further emphasizes the fact that top performing salespeople are rare. As a result, they are highly sought after by recruiters and world-class employers. The competitive edge of these top sellers lies within five unique skills.  The infographic below depicts five […]

Team Player

Five Ways to Be a Team Player on Your Sales Team

Most people might not immediately associate the terms “team player” and “salesperson.” Salespeople are often stereotyped as lone wolves who only look out for themselves. But that isn’t the case at all – being a top performing salesperson means being a team player. Why? According to the CEO of Sandler Training, David Mattson, sales teams that […]