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The composition of top sales organizations

Common Denominators of Top Sales Organizations

If you had the opportunity to survey a wide range of top sales organizations and the top performers that support their winning sales teams, you’d find some steady trends. Top organizations are organized, disciplined, and results oriented. They approach business in a structured fashion and develop and support processes that help employees maintain high standards. […]

80-20 Rule Problem

The Problem with the 80/20 Rule for Sales Managers

Many sales managers accept the 80-20 rule – that 20% of their reps make 80% of the sales – which I suppose is acceptable if the sales manager is consistently meeting targets, but it certainly is not a recipe for superior results. There are many downsides to allowing under-performers to exist on your sales team. Sales leaders […]

Recruiting tips for start-ups

What Can Bootstrapped Start-Ups Offer to Hire Sales People?

I answered the following question over on What do (bootstrapped) startups offer to new sales hires? Commission only? Here I reiterate and expand upon my answer. Having spent the last 25 years launching my own companies and working with start-ups, I understand the pressure to hire sales people that can accelerate the acquisition of customers […]