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5 Reasons Not to Promote Your Best Salespeople

5 Reasons Not to Promote Your Best Salespeople [Video]

In many companies, it’s typical to see the most successful salespeople be promoted into a managerial role. Who better to take on more responsibility in the sales organization than someone who consistently meets their number? However, research shows that more than 75% of those people will not last 2 years before returning to an individual contributor position. Given […]


4 Reasons a Diverse Sales Team Will Boost Revenue [Video]

Diversity in the workplace has been an issue since the civil war. Fast forward to 2017 and a lack of diversity in the workplace remains an issue. In fact, a recent survey by Career Builder found that only 35 percent of women feel confident that compensation is dispensed equitably between the genders. As U.S. demographics continue to change alongside a […]

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30 Game-Changing Statistics To Improve Your Cold Calling

The debate continues between sales experts who advocate that cold calling is “dead” and those who see it as “alive”. Truth is, the traditional tactic of cold calling is very much alive and is an important strategy utilized by sales and sales leaders in high-growth companies. Despite this “dead or alive” argument, cold calling offers […]