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Onboard Salespeople Fast

Faster, Better, Sales Onboarding

Sales onboarding continues to get a lot of attention, as more organizations seek new ways to ramp up reps faster and reach higher levels of productivity for new hires. Most onboarding strategies I read about are good, but I rarely see anything that’s truly differentiating, or that will significantly move the needle. I’ve developed a […]

Sales Onboarding Tools

Six Sales Onboarding Tools to Welcome and Train New Hires

Each year, the Aberdeen Group surveys more than 200 companies to ask them about their new hire onboarding efforts. The report finds that best-in-class companies that offer dynamic onboarding programs enjoy a much higher employee retention rate – and employees reach their goals faster than those at companies without strong programs. Companies that show a […]

Sales Onboarding Process

The 6 Elements of an Effective Sales Onboarding Program

Implementing a ‘pre-hire program’, being consistent, establishing a mentoring program, defining success, and creating a sales playbook reduces ramp time and sets new hires up for continued success. No matter the size of an organization, hiring the right people and developing them so that they can achieve their true potential are arguably the most critical […]


The Single Most Important Benefit of On-Boarding New Sales People

Great post, the 9 Results You Can Expect From Sales Onboarding, by Lee Salz (link below), summarizes the many benefits a structured program for onboarding new salespeople. In it, he discusses why a structured onboarding program helps achieve the following: protects an investment in recruiting and employing sales people; help provide increasing revenue performance; improved […]