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How HR Can Build an Integrated Approach to Sales Talent Management

How HR Can Build an Integrated Approach to Sales Talent Management

A critical factor in the maintenance of a high performance sales force is an organization’s talent management system: the people, tools, systems and processes that give it the ability to attract, hire, develop, reward, and ultimately retain talent. Responsible for its development and execution, today’s human resource leader faces unique challenges and increased pressure as […]

Toronto Sales Hiring Landscape

A Statistical Look at Toronto’s Sales Hiring Landscape

Consistently ranked among the best places to live in the world, not to mention the largest city in Canada and commercial heartland of the country, Toronto also offers a strong business environment for employers to build their sales teams and for sales talent to advance their careers. This has created an evolving sales hiring landscape […]

What it Really Takes to Attract Top Sales Talent

What it Takes to Really Attract Top Sales Talent

Top-performing salespeople have one thing in common – they consistently achieve their sales goals. To recruit these talented and rare salespeople, employers need to take a hard look at what they are offering prospective candidates, and if they are doing what it really takes to attract ‘A’ players. Hiring managers fail to acquire top performers […]


4 Reasons a Diverse Sales Team Will Boost Revenue [Video]

Diversity in the workplace has been an issue since the civil war. Fast forward to 2017 and a lack of diversity in the workplace remains an issue. In fact, a recent survey by Career Builder found that only 35 percent of women feel confident that compensation is dispensed equitably between the genders. As U.S. demographics continue to change alongside a […]