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Heart and Sell Shari Levitin Interview

Heart and Sell: One-on-One Interview with Shari Levitin

Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with too much information — delaying purchasing decisions and resulting in lost sales. In order to compensate, several sales professionals are either over-accommodating or creating high pressure which alienates prospects in the process. So, how does a salesperson meet sales targets while satisfying the customer’s desire for a heartfelt, authentic sales approach? Shari […]

More Sales Less Time Jill Konrath

More Sales, Less Time: One-on-One Interview with Jill Konrath

If you enter ‘Time Management Book’ in Amazon’s search bar, you will receive 43,584 results. These books offer hundreds of ways to maximize your time to be more efficient. But not many are focused specifically on the particular challenges sales professionals face. Online distractions and email addiction are often major problems for salespeople who spend […]

Top Sales Books of All Time

The 25 Sales Books Every New Sales VP Needs to Read

The new VP Sales has the opportunity and responsibility to achieve aggressive growth targets, and make a deep impact on company-wide culture. That’s why we’ve hand-picked these 25 sales books (in no particular order) from the best in the field and organized them into the 5 key responsibilities of the new sales executive: Lead a […]