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Your Next VP Sales: The Complete Interview Question Guide

Corporate and HR leaders know that getting their interview process right is important. But when it comes to hiring a VP of Sales, it makes all the difference to the future success of a company. Certain interview questions bring hidden information to the surface. At Peak Sales, we’ve assessed and interviewed over 10,000 sales leaders

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65 Sales Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates

Interviewing salespeople is like peeling an onion. It involves peeling away their superficial layers and getting past conditioned responses to learn about their capabilities, traits, cultural fit, and if they will yield quality results. With 50% of sales reps today missing quotas, conducting a successful sales interview is the difference between hiring a top performer

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Use Front-End Sales Assessment Tests to Improve Quality of Hire

It’s the talent on your sales team that will determine your fate when you’re working to hit aggressive targets and achieve your company’s future goals. And finding top performers is the difference between your company’s victory or failure in competitive markets. To find these top performers faster, you need to incorporate quantitative and objective candidate

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Identifying Sales Hunter DNA: 5 Interviewing Secrets

Interviewing salespeople is one of the most difficult tasks a hiring manager must undertake. Unlike many other business professionals, salespeople are geared to ‘sell’; and that includes themselves. Since salespeople are not only trained to focus on the positives, but psychologically tuned to gain trust and demonstrate competence in professional and social situations, interviewers, especially

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The Anatomy of a Terrible Sales Resume

The sales resume is often the first contact a hiring manager will have with the person who could become the next best performer on his or her sales team. However, with managers stating that one in five hires are “bad” or “regrettable”, the reality is that most have trouble distinguishing a bad salesperson from a good

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How to Hire the Best Salespeople – 7 Advanced Secrets

It will probably come as no surprise to sales managers, VPs of sales and business owners that a recent survey shows sales positions are the hardest positions to fill (see below – CareerBuilder Releases List of Hardest-to-Fill Positions). Yet, your sales force is your organization’s lifeblood. No matter how cutting edge your product or how on-point

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How to Interview and Spot the Traits of Top Salespeople

You may have hired a lot of B2B salespeople in the past, and probably some of them looked great on paper, but turned in lackluster performances. How can you skew the odds for hiring a sales superstar in your favor? Many hiring managers look at the resume, but the key to hiring well is to

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How to Read a Sales Resume – 11 Secrets for Sales Hiring Managers

Salespeople sell. Sometimes they sell themselves best of all. Resumes are not the only way to measure the value of a salesperson and arguably not even the best way. However, given the volume of resumes recruiters typically receive for a posted sales job, recruiters and HR departments need to understand how to read between the

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Why Great Sales People Fail

It is commonly accepted that the best sales people are successful wherever and that they go don’t move jobs very often. This is certainly true, but rarely does someone have a perfect career track record in sales.  There are a lot of internal and external factors that can get in the way of consistently achieving

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When Interviewing Sales People, Silence is Golden

Most sales people like to talk. So do a lot of hiring managers, which is unfortunate when it comes to hiring sales people because assessing the abilities of a potential hire is difficult if they aren’t the ones doing the talking. Get Them to Speak While there is a tendency for many hiring managers to

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How to Qualify Passive Sales Candidates Without Losing Them

When a hiring manager meets what appears to be a perennial top producing sales person, there can be an overwhelming temptation to go into full sales mode to get this person hired – especially if this person is working somewhere else which is almost always the case with top performing sales people (we call these

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Interview Tactics that Make or Break Your Sales Hiring and Sales Results

Interviewing sales people is just like interviewing candidates for any other position in your company. Right? Wrong. Sales professionals are wired to project a positive image since that is how they succeed – it is a key part of the profession that they chose. They are interviewed everyday by potential customers, and the good ones,

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