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Peak’s sales recruiting exerts match the hard work, preparation, and the never say no attitude that defines Calgary, Alberta.

These are some of the traits that breed success in Western Canada. These are the traits top sales professionals possess. These are the professionals Peak presents to your organization.

With one of the most competitive markets in Canada, more B2B companies in Calgary and the greater Alberta region are choosing Peak Sales Recruiting to find them the sales professionals who are difference makers. The Reps, Managers, and VP’s who have the biological traits, the finely tuned skills, and the industry experience to build, manage, and grow territories in Western Canada and the United States.

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These professionals are rare… extremely rare.

That’s why Peak, from the very start of a search, invests an extraordinary amount of time, effort and resources to understand your business, it’s unique selling environment, and the targets you need to hit. We do this so that at the end of the day, you have an individual who is going to be that perfect fit.

We don’t stop there.

Peak understands that sales people are excellent talkers. That’s why we developed a rigorous candidate assessment process to ensure that the professionals we present are who they say they are. This means each and every candidate presented to your organization has not only been put through our strict behavioral interview regime, but has undergone psychometric testing, and have had their sales achievements analyzed with a fine-tooth comb by our certified recruiters.

Since every Peak candidate is qualified, you save time, money, and frustration. Forget reading through thousands of resumes of people who don’t qualify, and more importantly, who won’t have an immediate impact on your business objectives.

And because we have recruited in every major vertical, from Energy to Finance, Aerospace to Software, our recruiting division has developed relationships with top talent not only in Alberta, but across Canada and the United States. These relationships combined with our dedicated research teams enable us to do the heavy lifting for your organization, wherever and whenever you need it.

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+5000 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak for their sales recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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I’m ready. Find me top performers