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Since Apple added podcasts to iTunes in 2005, demand for podcasts has skyrocketed. Today, there are over 60 thousand podcasts on iTunes specifically, and this number has been growing by an average annual rate of 80-90 percent since 2008. Due to this demand, many industry leaders like Andy Paul, Bill Caskey and Jeb Blount, are leveraging sales podcasts to provide frontline, actionable insight into what it takes to be a top-tier salesperson in today’s competitive market.

Becoming an A-player salesperson requires a continuous dedication to learning and improving not only your knowledge but also your skills. However, with the fast paced nature of sales, only 53 percent of salespeople say they spend office downtime reading online content, and an even smaller 35 percent say they focus on books. This means that nearly half of the sales population isn’t spending their time reading content. Podcasts are an easily accessible and less time consuming alternative that your salespeople can leverage to learn new skills and keep up on industry trends.

This is why we’ve put together a list of ten podcasts containing actionable intel, best practices and information your sales team can listen to instead of sitting down and reading content.

In no particular order, here are ten sales podcasts your sales team should listen to in 2018.

1. Accelerate! (Sales, Profits, Growth)

Andy Paul interviews other sales powerhouses like Jill Konrath and Bridget Gleason to discuss and share insights on sales coaching, personal and professional development, sales process automation and other useful topics. Accelerate! is an effective sales podcast for any sales executives looking to 10x their sales performance.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

Five Common Reasons Buyers Say No And How To Get To Yes with Bridget Gleason

Bridget and Andy discuss the five common objections salespeople get from customers and how to maneuver through the conversation to get the “yes”. They also discuss the importance of building trust with the customer as it increases the speed and likelihood of a successful sale.

Is Your Sales Process Sales Ready? with Jim Ninivaggi

Jim discusses what he believes to be the single biggest challenge for salespeople today, which is not having learned the basic fundamentals of selling. He discusses the importance of knowing how to engage with another human by using said fundamentals to connect and build a relationship.

Accelerate Sales Engagement For SDRs And AEs with Chris Rothstein

Chris argues that salespeople are continuously challenged with overall noise. Due to the amount of products and services on the market, salespeople need to provide true value in order to stand out from the noise – and your competitors.

About The Host:

Andy Paul is the CEO and Founder of Zero-Time Selling, Inc., and is the industry leading expert on integrating speed into every stage of the sales process. With over 30 years of experience as an individual contributor and sales VP – at both start-up and Fortune 1000 organizations – he is now a successful speaker, consultant and executive sales coach.

andy paulAndy Paul, CEO and Founder of Zero-Time Selling, Inc.

“I almost didn’t make it past the sales training class in my first job out of college. The bosses didn’t think I’d make it in sales because I wasn’t “salesy” enough. They thought I was too introverted and analytical. And yet, over three decades, I have built a successful career as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant by being different, thinking differently and selling differently.”

2. The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast provides frontline, no-nonsense, actionable advice into tactics and sales strategies from one of Silicon Valley’s top sales hustlers, Steli Efti. Efti shares his sales stories right from his experiences working with hundreds of Silicon Valley start-ups, which fellow hustlers can learn from and apply to their sales process.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

Cold Calling: How To Respond To “I Don’t Have Time”?

Steli talks about the biggest cold calling challenge salespeople face, which is the fact that most prospects will simply say they don’t have time to speak. Steli states that this is untrue simply because if they didn’t have time, they would have hung up the phone or not picked up at all. He discusses how to get past this challenge and into a beneficial conversation.

How To Respond To Discount Inquiries

In today’s market, a lot of prospects are focused on price instead of value. So how do you handle the discount requests? How do you deal with people who simply want a lower price than what you’re offering? It’s all discussed in this episode.

Numbers Down? Missing Your Quota? 3 Steps To Deal With Stress In Sales

If you’re having a rough quarter or are struggling to hit your targets, you’re under a lot of stress. This stress can often hinder your ability to be successful. This episode discusses how to deal with missing your quota and how to handle the stress when you’re behind your numbers.

About The Host:

From the age of 17, Steli Efti has been a self-made entrepreneur. After moving from Germany to San Francisco, he began building his first start-up in Silicon Valley. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of – which is a Saas CRM that helps organizations boost their sales – and is a sought after lecturer and coach on all things sales.

steli eftiSteli Efti, of (Elastic, Inc)

“What makes someone successful as an entrepreneur is the confidence (or delusion!) that you can create something people want and the ability to learn and change as necessary until you’ve finally succeeded with it.

3. In The Arena Podcast

The Arena Podcast showcases world class sales leaders like Mike Weinberg and Chris Brogan as they discuss sales tips and exchange insights. Topics of discussion include keys to sales success, sales leadership, communication skills, relationship building and much more. This podcast offers a wide variety of insights into what it takes to be a top performing salesperson.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

Mike Weinberg Simplifies Sales Management

The most important role in any sales oriented organization is the Sales Manager. That is why this episode focuses on having a conversation with Mike Weinberg about his new book called Sales Management Simplified.

Knowing Exactly What to Say in Your Sales Conversations with Phil M Jones

In this episode, Phil and Anthony talk about how knowing what to say to your prospects comes from understanding the way humans work, how they listen and how they respond to different kinds of language. They provide actionable advice on how salespeople can use words to change negative responses into positive ones.

The Sales Mindset Of A Top Salesperson, with Lee Bartlett

Anthony interviews Lee Bartlett in this episode, and shows you that you don’t have to have a huge ego to be successful in sales. Lee discusses how success is based on your belief in your ability to work hard and master elementary things – such as effectively talking to people.

About The Host:

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker and author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and award-winning blog called “The Sales Blog”. He has spent his career selling, managing salespeople and growing companies. With his immense experience, he now provides organizations with the learning and development he wishes he would have had when he first started.

Anthony IannarinoAnthony Iannarino, Sales Kickoff Speaker at

“Much of what I learned about sales, management, and leadership, I learned the hard way. I did what I thought was right, made mistakes, and made adjustments. I always found more value in battle-tested ideas and the perspective of an operator, not someone who produces only theories.”

4. The Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is hosted by Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey and focuses on individual sales strategies that salespeople can apply to their own process to hit their targets. Some of the topics they discuss include the skills and mindsets of some of the industries most successful salespeople, while also providing actionable advice about how you can apply these skills to your own roster.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

What Do You Stand For

In this episode, Bill and Bryan discuss their personal brand makeover course. They take a deep dive into the first module that covers personal clarity and discovering what you – as a salesperson – stands for.

Client Wants To Go Out For A Bid?

What do you do when a long-time customer decides that they want to go out price shopping with other vendors? This episode covers just that. This challenge is broken down into two categories: how to prevent the situation and how to remedy it.

Commitment & Energy

Bill and Bryan argue that commitment and energy influence your success in professional selling. They break down these words and talk about what they’ve observed when working with companies that have high achievers on their sales teams.

About The Hosts:

Bryan Neale has been consulting with B2B sales teams, sales leaders and CEOs for over 20 years. When he is not training and coaching sales strategies, he is on the football field as an official NFL referee. He has a passion for training teams on the similarities between sales and football, which comes through on his podcast.

bryan nealeBryan Neale, Speaker, Trainer and Coach at The Blind Zebra

“I believe elite performance in anything— football, sales, or otherwise— stems from the same formula. Everyone knows what to do and say.”


Author of Same Game New Rules and creator of The 2X Group, Bill Caskey specializes in training and coaching salespeople and sales leaders to produce superior results in their area of interest. Everything he does in his training, writing, coaching, etc, is in an effort to help salespeople choose their own outcomes both personally and professionally.

bill caskeyBill Caskey, President at Caskey Achievement Strategies

“The most vital relationship is one that everyone neglects. It is the one between how you think and how you achieve. No relationship affects your success like that one.


5. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy, hosted by Jeb Blount, is a sales podcast focusing on discussing high-performance selling, effective account management, skills training, customer experience, and much more. He provides actionable advice about how salespeople can close more large deals to become that consistent top performer.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

4 Keys To Engaging Prospects With Cold Emails

In this episode, Jeb and Kendra Lee – author of The Sales Magnet – discuss a variety of cold email prospecting techniques.

Bad Sales Habits Die Hard

Developing a bad habit is easy, but breaking this bad habit is extremely difficult. In this episode, Jeb discusses the risks of developing bad habits as they cause salespeople to experience failure.

How To Avoid Wasting Time on Bad Deals

Walking away from a deal – and potential revenue – is very difficult. What’s even more difficult is dedicating all your time and effort to a prospect that will never actually sign. In this episode, Jeb talks about how to avoid these situations and focus your energy on deals that will close.

About The Host:

Jeb Blount is a heavily sought after speaker and coach for companies who are looking to achieve peak performance fast. He has the ability to take complex concepts and simplify them so they are easily digestible and can be applied immediately. Blount is also the best-selling author of People Love You: The Real Secret to Delivering Legendary Customer Experience, Sales EQ and Fanatical Prospecting.

jeb blountJeb Blount, CEO at Sales Gravy, Inc.

“Leadership. Sales. Customer Experience. It’s all human. When your people master interpersonal skills, you gain a powerful competitive advantage that transforms your entire organization.”


6. The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist podcast, hosted by Donald Kelly, features industry leading salespeople, sales leaders and marketers who share their knowledge and insight on how to enhance your career, grow your business and achieve the income you deserve.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

What’s Not Working In Sales Today, with Brandon Bruce

This episode’s guest is Brandon Bruce, the co-founder of Cirrus Insight, which is ranked number 44 on The Inc 500 List. He discusses what is going on in sales today, what’s not working and what you should be doing to improve your sales.

How To Help Young Sales Leaders Become Great Leaders, with Andy Paul

Andy Paul talks about how you can help young leaders become better and more successful. He also discusses his own passion for helping people grow in an ever changing environment.

Is There A Proper Way To Push My Customer To Make A Decision?

In this episode, Donald discusses how there are some customers that take a long time to make a decision and we allow this because we’re afraid to push them. He shares his thoughts and insights on how you can push your product without being too pushy and potentially losing the customer.

About The Host:

From a young age, Donald has been an entrepreneur. After being part of the 80 percent who brought in only 20 percent of the business, he knew he had to make a change in order to earn the money he knew he deserved. He started reading sales books, learning as much as he could from top performing salespeople and learned how to hustle effectively. With this, he became a “selling machine” that was making commission, paying off debts and providing for his family. He now provides sales team training through consulting, online courses, presentations, webinars and much more.

donald kelly

Donald Kelly, President and The Chief Sales Evangelist

“Everyone can learn to sell and DO BIG THINGS. Anyone can take control of his life and create a meaningful lifestyle he deserves.”


7. Get In The Door

Get in the door, hosted by Steve Kloyda and Scott Plum, focuses on creating ideas that inspire, encourage and empower salespeople to get in the door and what to do once you’ve gotten there. This podcast is for salespeople who are committed to changing their sales and prospecting to achieve greater results.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

Ready To Take Your Sales Skills To The Next Level?

Steve and Scott begin looking at The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino. They cover the first chapter and take a deep dive into how often salespeople fail to improve their skills.

Persistence: Breaking Through Resistance

In this episode, you will learn how to play the “long game” and discover how to continue to pursue a prospect without becoming a nuisance to them. By following Steve and Scott’s advice, your client will be thankful that you kept in touch.

Prospecting: Opening Relationships and Creating Opportunities

Effective prospecting is the key to successful sales. If you’ve been in sales for any length of time then you know that opening is the new closing. Steve and Scott discuss how salespeople can improve their ability to prospect effectively and in turn boost their sales.

About The Hosts:

Founder of The Prospecting Expert, Steve Kloyda has spent over 30 years creating sales experiences that “wow” salespeople and their customers. Steve teaches salespeople how to create their sales and prospecting plans to attract more customers and drive better sales.

steve kloyda

Steve Kloyda, Founder and President at The Prospecting Expert, Inc

“My mission is creating ideas that inspire, encourage and empower salespeople to do their best work.”



Scott “The Professor” Plum started his sales career back in 1987 and founded the Minnesota Sales Institute 15 years later. His goal is to teach salespeople how to increase their number of sales wins, which increases revenue, and how to stop customers from negotiating prices down.


scott plum Scott “The Professor” Plum, Founder and President at Minnesota Sales Institute, LLC

“Over time, if you don’t take responsibility for your mistakes, change and growth, and understand that you are the only one that you can control, then your frustration will grow and the results you are seeking will elude you no matter who you’re employed with.”

8. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Ranked in the top ten on iTunes and hosted by Brian Burns, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling features Brian’s no-nonsense philosophy as he discusses B2B sales and selling. Some of the topics he covers include cold calling, spin selling, challenger sale, solution selling, advanced selling skills. strategic selling, LinkedIn, saas and how sales has changed.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

5 Ways To Become An A-Players In Sales And Selling

In this episode, Brian discusses five ways salespeople can take their mediocre performance and turn it into A-player performance.

How To Break Through The Noise And Get The Meeting

Want to know how to separate yourself from your competitors and get in front of the customer? This episode explains how salespeople can separate themselves from the noise and close deals.

The Secrets To Closing Mega-Deals, with Christopher Engman

This episode discusses the strategies involved in closing larger deals. Brian offers frontline advice to help salespeople close the deals that put them at the top of their sales teams.

About The Host:

Brian helps companies truly understand their customers and how they make buying decisions. By doing this, companies increase their revenue and drastically reduce their sales cycles. His clients typically achieve a 300 percent increase in net new business and a 30 percent reduction in their sales cycle.

brian burnsBrian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling Podcast, and host and founder of The B2B Revenue Leadership Show

“My approach is direct and without the fluff that other sales training companies take so if you want the brutal truth about sales and selling you have found the right place.”

9. SalesTuners

Hosted by Jim Brown, Sales Tuners is a weekly podcast that showcases high-performing salespeople and sales leaders, and their techniques and behaviors that have led to their success in sales. He features a new guest every week and focuses on topics like deal negotiation, building your sales pipeline, sales enablement and much more.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

Why Your Product Only Makes Up 10% of Your Success, with Mark S. A. Smith

Episode guest Mark Smith discusses one of the most common questions he gets from salespeople. How do I beat the competition? He argues that your product is only 10 percent of the sale and a customer is really buying into you. By positioning yourself in the right way, you align your product with their needs. Deals are won!

Sales Calls Should Happen with Prospects, Not to Them, with Kristin Zhivago

Customers want to buy from someone they trust and who understands what they need. One of the most common thoughts a customer has during a sales process is “what is going to happen to me after I buy”? Kristin discusses how to humble yourself and make sure you’re connecting with customers.

Strive to be a Sales Professional, Not Just an Account Executive, with Cody Lamens

In this episode, Cody discusses taking advantage of every opportunity, how to prepare, if something is working then keep repeating it and how to ask the hard questions right at the beginning of the sales cycle.

About The Host:

Jim Brown has spent the past ten years working with two companies and has lead them from one million in revenue to ten million. Today, he coaches some of the world’s leading tech companies and their salespeople on the “Skeptical Selling Method”. He focuses on the behaviors, techniques and attitudes that are needed to achieve sales success today.

jim brown Jim Brown – Sales Coach and Podcast Host at SalesTuners

“From the US Marine Corps to marketing and sales and even a stint in pro wrestling, I’ve done a lot. I’ve founded or co-founded eight companies — some successful, some not. I’ve sold services and software, and also consulted companies on how to increase revenue on the internet.”

10. Salesman Podcast

In the Salesman Podcast, Will Barron interviews industry leading sales experts, Olympic athletes and psychologists, and many more, to discuss and share insights on how you can improve your sales skills and performance. He releases multiple episodes per week on a variety of topics that include deal negotiation, successful habits, personal branding, etc.

Peak’s Episode Recommendations:

The Difference Between Average And Incredible Sales Professionals with Paul Adamson

What is the difference between the average salesperson and an A-player? In this episode, Paul dissects the major differences between these two kinds of salespeople and what you should be doing to bring yourself to that A-player level.

What’s Going On In Your Customers Heads? with Matt McDarby

Matt discusses what prospects are thinking as salespeople build relationships with them. He gives actionable advice about how salespeople can then take these built relationships and convert them into clients.

Building A Personal Brand In A Sales Job with James Buckley

James Buckley has created a very unique personal brand in his industry and has seen success because of it. In this episode, he discusses how he did it.

About The Host:

Will Barron is an award-winning sales podcaster and blogger to over 500,000 salespeople per month. He uses his large audience to spread his entertaining and creative content about how to be successful in sales.

will barronWill Barron, Sales Podcaster, Blogger and Managing Director at Upgraded Media


Samantha Ste. Marie

Samantha spent her first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked her way up through the ranks, becoming a specialist in marketing and an expert in B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Ottawa, she regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.
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