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MIDEL breaks into the USA Transformer Fluids Market thanks to a key hire made through Peak Sales

Conversations with Peak Sales Recruiting changed MIDEL’s ideas about what they wanted in a North American sales executive. In the end, they got both what they needed and wanted: A foothold in the American market. The process matched MIDEL’s needs to the right candidate, and they’re busy chipping away at their competitor’s market share.


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MIDEL breaks into the USA Transformer Fluids Market thanks to a key hire made through Peak Sales

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STEP 1: Listen and Learn

Despite having a superior product, MIDEL had difficulties taking market share from Cargill in the U.S. They reached out to Peak Sales Recruiting to find a franchise player they could build a sales effort around.

MIDEL’s plant-based oils improved on Cargill’s, with a very high flash point (>300ºC/572ºF) and an even lower freeze point (-31ºC/-24ºF), making them the best choice for the northern U.S. and Canada.

Step 2:

Painting The Profile

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Step 3: Where To Fish?


The profile was now very specific, but in narrowing the search criteria, that also limited where the ideal candidate could be found. MIDEL needed someone very nimble, able to quickly pivot to exploit opportunities. “If you don’t want to hire someone from a competitor, you start looking at adjacent industries.” Moore says”

“There wasn’t a big talent pool. It took our recruiting team a week to understand the organizations and candidate pools. The potential candidates understand what we’re doing, they appreciate the methodology. We understand their world, and we don’t waste their time if there’s a misalignment between them and the position. Once we validated their sales acumen we dug into the cultural and organizational alignment to make sure they were a good fit. Only then did we have someone we could present to MIDEL.”

Step 4: Selection And Sealing The Deal

MIDEL’s preferred candidate accepted!

Peak Sales presented five candidates to MIDEL. The candidate who stood out met their expected go-to market strategy and his experience was in line with what MIDEL was working on in Europe and Asia.

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Step 5: Follow Up and Fine Tuning


We help clients understand what 12 months and 24 months down the road should look like we frame out KPIs to show the client what success will look like from their perspective.


Both MIDEL and its new North American sales leader were happy. He spent time in the UK headquarters, and his counterparts from Asia and Australia met there to help support him. In this case, fighting a giant competitor wasn’t the only hurdle: MIDEL made its hire in July 2019, and the Covid crisis hit six months later. Despite that handicap, Peak Sales Recruiting has been asked to hire two additional sales people for the team. MIDEL is still investing heavily and is seeing progress in the market.

More: Than Search, We’re Problem Solvers

There is a discussion about using the psychometric tool that combines DISC profiles with motivators and dimensional balance on the sales group. “We explore how they like to be managed and communicate. This is to better understand how to drive growth in the market. This après search outreach is emblematic of how Peak Sales Recruiting interacts with both its customers and the candidates.” Moore explains.

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