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Managing Sales

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - October 11, 2007

I ran across a site with some great articles for sales managers. The author, Brian Jeffrey, runs Sales Force Assessments, and helps companies evaluate team members. He has a long history in sales leadership and coaching sales teams to higher performance. Be sure to check out his articles on Management and Leadership. There are also

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3 Tips for Canadian Companies Selling into the US

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - October 5, 2007

Our good friend, Alfredo Coppola, is Partner at e-Storm International Consulting, a marketing services company with offices in Canada, California, Europe and Asia. He recently offered his advice for Canadian tech companies wishing to sell into the US. “Before investing the time and financial resources on setting up regional US sales offices, consider these three

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Zero Tolerance for Mediocrity

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - September 21, 2007

Gordon Ramsay is the cantankerous, world famous chef, TV star, cookbook author, and millionaire restaurant owner. He is well known for his entertaining TV shows Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and the F Word. He probably swears more than anyone else in the world and he has even been awarded an Officer of the British Empire

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“A” Players Attract “A” Players and “B” Players Attract “C” Players

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - September 3, 2007

Unless you have a product that sells itself (no such thing?), then you need an overachieving sales team to deliver growth. “A” players in the context of sales, simply means that they consistently create revenue from thin air, outsell their peers and make the company look exceptional. Because “A” players are creative and successful, they

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Advanced Selling Strategies: Book Review

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - March 13, 2007

I just read Brian Tracy’s book “Advanced Selling Strategies” which presents the mindset and tactics used by very successful sales people. There are no old school tricks, just simple things that will help you develop rapport with your prospect, learn about their business and then help you close more deals. The book covers everything from how