Why More Sales Leaders Choose Peak

Get the talent you need to hit your aggressive revenue targets.

As a sales executive, you understand the critical need to recruit top talent. Our service is specifically built to meet that need.

The candidates we present to you will:

  • Contribute Immediately: Experience reduced ramp-up times and faster sales with proven sales talent. Your new hires will require less training and will start generating results from the get go.
  • Consistently Meet Quotas: The candidates we deliver have proven they will meet today’s sales goals and tomorrow’s aggressive revenue and growth targets.
  • Generate More Profit: Great salespeople don’t just drive new business—they also ensure more profitable customer relationships by generating more sales (upsells, cross-sells, renewals) & improving customer retention rates.

Tolerating under-performers, hiring mistakes, and extended new hire productivity cycles all lead to missed revenue targets — and job loss for the head of sales.

But A-players generate 5x more revenue than “B” players and 10x more than “C” players.

Having a team of A-players also means you’ll spend less time recruiting, training, coaching, and managing your underperforming salespeople…leaving you with more time to focus on revenue generating strategies and activities. And as your sales team improves, you’ll notice the attitude and behaviors in your team evolve as a culture of success becomes the standard. That’s because great salespeople generate a feeling of positivity and success that improves the performance of everyone around them—making the “80/20 rule” a thing of the past.

If this sounds like the kind of transformation you envision for your sales team, contact us today.

Michele Ruiz VP Sales

“The fact that Peak’s service is 100% focused on headhunting salespeople that have the skills and competencies we need has made them an excellent partner. To date we have hired two fantastic sales reps that have raised the bar, driven new business, and taken us to a new level.” – Michele Ruiz, VP Sales, Mirapath