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Author: Susan Halliwell

Susan has a background in HR management and policy development. She provides independent HR strategy and advice to employers and regularly contributes her insights to the Peak Sales blog.

How HR Leaders Leverage Technology & Data to Recruit Sales Talent

Technology and data analytics are a critical advantage for human resource leaders that are committed to building and maintaining a high performance sales force. Recruiting A-players, the most important sales force effectiveness driver, is quickly moving up the priority list for sales leaders – 41% express dissatisfaction with their current sales force, saying they weren’t able to effectively

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The 10 Things HR Leaders Need From The VP of Sales

To enhance the ability of HR to find qualified, proven sales talent, sales leaders need to provide deep insight into the sales organization including: team performance, culture, hiring timelines and ideal profiles, compensation plans, and individual development plans.  In the most successful organizations, human resource and sales leaders partner to drive their company forward. They

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What Every Great VP Sales Wants in a Job

The ability to recruit, coach, and develop effective sales teams; have a relentless pursuit of key strategic goals; and posses a long track record of high integrity transactions with peers, customers, and partners are all traits employers look for in their next (or first) VP Sales. But in order to attract and hire a great

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What it Takes to Really Attract Top Sales Talent

Top-performing salespeople have one thing in common – they consistently achieve their sales goals. To recruit these talented and rare salespeople, employers need to take a hard look at what they are offering prospective candidates, and if they are doing what it really takes to attract ‘A’ players. Hiring managers fail to acquire top performes

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Skill Sets Only the Best Sales Managers Possess

A recent Gallup poll found that 82 percent of the time, companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for a management position. The research looked at managers for a wide range of industries, and in a wide range of roles and found the data was fairly even across the sample. “If great

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2015 Sales Compensation Trends

In January, the World Bank announced cautionary good news. The organization’s Global Economic Prospects Report (GEP) predicted growth for developing countries, soft oil prices, a stronger U.S. economy, and the continuation of low interest rates globally. As experts continue to talk about economic recovery, this positive outlook for the global economy is reflected in corporate

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17 Statistics To Improve Cold Calling

Debate rages between sales experts that advocate cold calling is “dead” or “dying”, and those who see it as  “rising from the dead”, “not dead”, or only “semantically dead.” The truth is, sales tactics traditionally referred to as cold calling are still very much alive and is an important strategy utilized by sales management in high-growth companies (Profit

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42 Quotes To Inspire Persistence When Selling

We have written about the importance of persistence in selling before (see The Not So Fine Line Between Persistence and Stalking in Sales). Knowing that it plays such an important role in helping to win accounts, here are some quotes to inspire one of the core most important traits of selling – persistence. Incredible salespeople relate

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Need-to-Haves That You Don’t Need When Hiring Salespeople

Prospective clients often come to us with a typical problem: many of the salespeople they hired seemed great during the interview process, but under-performed once they were hired. When a new sales hire doesn’t work out, the loss is huge. Poor-performing salespeople can cost thousands in lost opportunities and revenue, and worse yet—damage a company’s reputation

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5 Secrets for Hiring Sales Managers Who Are “Master Motivators”

Sales Managers are supposed to be kingmakers—their job is to inspire and guide sales superstars towards glory – and effective sales managers unlock the potential of their sales team, especially when rewards and retribution alone aren’t driving sales results. They boost their team’s confidence during sales slumps and rally them to work together in the pursuit

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