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Author: Keith Johnstone

Keith spent his first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a manager of marketing and an expert on B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Guelph, he regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.

Identifying Sales Hunter DNA: 5 Interviewing Secrets

Interviewing salespeople is one of the most difficult tasks a hiring manager must undertake. Unlike many other business professionals, salespeople are geared to ‘sell’; and that includes themselves. Since salespeople are not only trained to focus on the positives, but psychologically tuned to gain trust and demonstrate competence in professional and social situations, interviewers, especially

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4 Reasons Top Salespeople Aren’t in Your Recruitment Process

To mitigate the risk of losing your best sales candidates, stop treating passive candidates as active job seekers, start valuing the candidate, maintain a strong corporate reputation, and offer market leading compensation packages. Every organization that is committed to achieving aggressive growth targets requires talent that consistently achieves their sales targets and drive profitable revenue.

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How to Recruit Your Competitor’s Top Sales Talent

Appeal to these salespeople’s insatiable drive to advance their career, differentiate your company, and embrace the domino effect.   Your competitor’s top salespeople are grounded in industry knowledge, know the pain points your prospects have and what decision makers to target, and have a proven themselves to be successful in selling environments similar to yours.

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The 8 Human Capital Metrics Every Sales Manager Needs to Track

Salespeople are the engine of a great company. They identify new opportunities for growth and are tasked with driving profitable revenue streams that propels organizations to achieve success. To help assess the effectiveness of their sales force, sales executives need to dive into their human capital metrics.    When viewed as pieces of a larger

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Should You Hire Attractive Salespeople?

Perception plays a major role in sales. And, a customer’s perception of a salesperson definitely influences the sale. But while it’s easy to assume that looks and appearances impact that perception, does the research back it up? In this article, we break down the correlation between sales success and physical attractiveness and discuss how much weight

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The Anatomy of a Terrible Sales Resume

The sales resume is often the first contact a hiring manager will have with the person who could become the next best performer on his or her sales team. However, with managers stating that one in five hires are “bad” or “regrettable”, the reality is that most have trouble distinguishing a bad salesperson from a good

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Choosing the Right Sales Management Data

We are living in a time of information overload. With no shortage of internal and external data, sales executives need to carefully choose the data and information they use to make sales management decisions and determine strategy. Otherwise, they risk getting overwhelmed with too many data points that could hinder a focus on what is

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Poor Hiring: The Impact on Sales Team Morale

Making the wrong sales hiring decision has an enormous negative impact on a business’ finances. Often overlooked, but closely related, is the larger impact it has on a sales team’s morale. The cost of a bad hire SAP recently rounded up a series of statistics on the impact of a bad hire. Citing research from Mindflash

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Win an Unfair Game: Making Smart Sales Hires on a Budget

Hiring an exceptional sales team is not only difficult, but also extremely expensive. And while an investment in successful salespeople will deliver massive returns, the fact remains that a sales hiring budget requires large amounts of starting capital. After all, truly exceptional salespeople expect—and receive—exceptional salaries. Unfortunately, many companies looking for great salespeople simply can’t

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How to Write a Sales Manager Job Description

The key to writing a great Sales Manager job description: articulate specific performance objectives and highlight how a candidate will advance their career at your organization.  High performing sales managers are gainfully driving revenue for their employers and not perusing job ads. So if you need to hire one, you are going to have to

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Sales Hiring: Culture and its Impact on Recruiting

Cultivating the right internal culture is an afterthought for many organizations and yet culture plays an enormous role in business success. What is Culture? A company’s “corporate culture” can be thought of as the general norms, traditions and assumptions that govern employee perceptions, thoughts and behaviours at work. The term “corporate culture” came into vogue

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Hiring Solution Salespeople in an Evolving Sales Landscape

One of the biggest shifts in selling approaches occurred in the mid-1980s when Mike Bosworth, formerly of Xerox Computer Services, popularized “Solution Sales.” Bosworth championed the idea of selling “expert to non-expert”, in which salespeople proactively uncover a customer’s business requirements and position offerings as a ‘solution’ to these business needs rather than simply waiting for purchase requests.

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