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Author: Keith Johnstone

Keith spent his first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a manager of marketing and an expert on B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Guelph, he regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.

The 5 Key Players Needed to Successfully Scale Your Sales Team.

“In the digital age, where anything and everything can be bought from just about anywhere, there is little differentiation between products and services. It means a business’ greatest asset and biggest distinction are its people.”—Marc Havercroft In Marvel’s universe, The Avengers are a team of Earth’s five mightiest superheroes, who come together to protect the

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21 Ways to Make Your Top Sellers Quit

Keep your churn rates high and your employee satisfaction rates low. Why put in the effort to keep your top reps happy when you could alienate and push them to work for the competition? Why work to maintain a healthy sales force when you could sabotage them at every turn? If you’ve run out of

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Responsibilities of a Sales Manager: The Ultimate Guide

Sales managers are the conductors of a company’s revenue engine. They create and nurture high performance sales teams, and lead them to generate hit revenue forecasts and meet customer needs. To understand the responsibilities of a sales manager, it’s important to understand their position in the organization and the intangible roles and characteristics they embody.

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How HR Can Build an Integrated Approach to Sales Talent Management

A critical factor in the maintenance of a high performance sales force is an organization’s talent management system: the people, tools, systems and processes that give it the ability to attract, hire, develop, reward, and ultimately retain talent. Responsible for its development and execution, today’s human resource leader faces unique challenges and increased pressure as

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Debunking 14 Common Sales Management Misconceptions

Sales management is quite possibly the most misunderstood role in business. Why? Sales managers play a unique role – they not only select, build, lead, coach, and manage front-line salespeople, but also act as a customer and business manager. Since these responsibilities compete and pull sales managers in multiple directions, the activities that are most

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Sales force sizing is an integral aspect of a best-in-class sales team. Optimized headcount maximizes revenue while limiting inefficiencies within the sales organization. However, this important process doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Executive teams usually choose to expand and scale their sales teams when they’re responding to or anticipating a significant shift, such as major

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Sales Force Sizing in New Markets: The Ultimate Guide

When entering a new market, the right sized salesforce will make or break whether the go-to-market strategy is effectively executed. Hiring too many reps drains resources and limits the success of salespeople by over saturating the market. Not enough ‘feet-on-the-street’ means that a company will lag compared to its competitors, failing to grow during its pivotal

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According to the Boston Consulting Group, of every HR practice, recruitment processes have the most significant impact on revenue. Companies that effectively recruit the best candidates exhibit 3.5x the revenue growth of competitors that poorly manage their recruitment efforts. This article will break down the biggest mistakes hiring managers make at the offer stage –

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Common Denominators of Top Sales Organizations

If you had the opportunity to survey a wide range of top sales organizations and the top performers that support their winning sales teams, you’d find some steady trends. Top organizations are organized, disciplined, and results oriented. They approach business in a structured fashion and develop and support processes that help employees maintain high standards.

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The 5 Things Sales Candidates Want to Know About You

When customers approach us to find great salespeople, the focus, as it should be, is on the candidates we present. Key questions about each candidate’s past sales performance, their selling methodology, book of contacts, experience selling within the industry, traits, and likelihood of success within our client’s unique selling environment must be investigated and answered before a

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