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Author: Jennifer McFarlane

Jennifer is a human resources consultant specializing in medium to large enterprise and provides HR advice, support, and outsourced solutions for companies based in the United States.

Motivate Your Sales Team: The 20 Point Checklist

How do I motivate my sales team? In order to motivate your sales team, executives need a comprehensive toolkit of tactics to push their top performers, develop junior members, and keep the team focused on achieving aggressive growth targets. Sales team’s that possess energy and confidence are successful, and good leaders know how to keep morale

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The Top 25 Reasons Why Great Salespeople Are Leaving Your Company

Great salespeople do more than just consistently drive profitable revenue for their employers. They inspire confidence in customers and partners, increase brand trust, and contribute positively to company culture. And these salespeople are rare, representing only 10-15% of the sales population, so when a company has great salespeople, it’s in its best interest to get

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How to Recruit Millennials for B2B Sales: The Ultimate Guide

When millennials think about B2B sales roles, they imagine sleazy deals and rounds of golf. These deep-seated misperceptions fail to capture the needs of a 21st-century sales landscape and overshadow the reality of a fulfilling career in sales. Based on a false understanding, millennials forgo these lucrative, meaningful jobs to pursue other options. Research from

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How to Write an Effective Sales Engineer Job Description

The sales engineer plays a vital role on a sales team. Not only do they help interpret a customer’s technical requirements and communicate product features, but they are also given a level of trust that is often not offered to salespeople and consequently, the sales engineer is in a unique position to promote a vendor’s

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Interview Legal Landmines: How HR Can Help

Your team has found what look like some great candidates for your open sales position. You have planned your interview questions to help filter out the mediocre and find the top performers. You have reviewed your compensation package and are certain it is competitive. You feel you are ready to hire the company’s next super

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How Your HR Department Can Help Drive Sales Success

Sales leaders don’t have enough time in the day and it’s costing them. They are busy developing strategies and implementing tactics to drive their companies to the next level, and sometimes the necessary minutiae of managing their team can come in second. But there is help, and it is close by in your company’s human resources

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How to Hire the Best Salespeople – 7 Advanced Secrets

It will probably come as no surprise to sales managers, VPs of sales and business owners that a recent survey shows sales positions are the hardest positions to fill (see below – CareerBuilder Releases List of Hardest-to-Fill Positions). Yet, your sales force is your organization’s lifeblood. No matter how cutting edge your product or how on-point

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How to Interview and Spot the Traits of Top Salespeople

You may have hired a lot of B2B salespeople in the past, and probably some of them looked great on paper, but turned in lackluster performances. How can you skew the odds for hiring a sales superstar in your favor? Many hiring managers look at the resume, but the key to hiring well is to

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