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Author: Andrea Nellestyn

Andrea spent her first few years at Peak as one of the firm's top headhunters before being selected to initiate and run the firm's candidate marketing division. A graduate of Carleton University, Andrea is a regular contributor to the Peak Sales blog.

Top 10 Leadership Podcasts To Listen To In 2019

When you find a leadership podcast you love, you suddenly get a dream team of mentors to whisper in your ear as you go about your day. Even if you’re just commuting or working out, you can find a clever strategy or stumble across an entertaining story from one of the greats in your industry.

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At the end of the day, the primary goal for any CHRO is to ensure organizations remain high-functioning, productive, and efficient. L&D departments vary in size and scope across industries; however, many share several successful practices in common. By interviewing and surveying organizations that have demonstrated innovative and effective practices in the leadership and development

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Your Next VP Sales: The Complete Interview Question Guide

Corporate and HR leaders know that getting their interview process right is important. But when it comes to hiring a VP of Sales, it makes all the difference to the future success of a company. Certain interview questions bring hidden information to the surface. At Peak Sales, we’ve assessed and interviewed over 10,000 sales leaders

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Ten Austin Tech Companies To Watch If You’re In Sales

If you’re a sales leader looking for your next career move, Austin should be on your radar. It’s “the home of live music,” but it’s not just the music scene that’s thriving—the city’s reputation as a tech hub continues to grow, and now may be just the right time to consider joining one of Austin’s

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One-on-One Meeting Templates

We’ve collected wisdom from sales leaders on how to run efficient and performance-focused one-on-ones with reps. One-on-One Agenda Template Download the template as a PDF Jump to: One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template Sample One-on-One Questions for Managers The importance of one-on-ones for sales teams One-on-ones are an important platform for developing trust and rapport between sales

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Account Executive Salaries by Industry

Account executives can easily be considered the foundational layer of a corporation’s entire sales operation. Responsible for driving sales, managing customer relationships and maintaining knowledge of company products and services, account executives often serve as the face of the company and drive much of the company’s top line revenues. In addition to retaining updated information

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10 NYC Tech Companies You Should be Watching If You’re in Sales

For tech startups, there may be no better location than New York City. NYC has a long history of attracting people who dream big and chase success, and that certainly still rings true of entrepreneurs today, especially those in e-commerce, sales, finance and technology innovation. As Glassdoor notes, “there’s no city quite like New York.

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Top Industries for Sales Jobs in 2018

Sales jobs are constantly evolving in an ever-changing industry landscape. Changes in customer behavior, new kinds of competition, shifting regulation, new methods of distribution and core technologies of production. Together, these factors have the potential to significantly change the nature of an industry. While some industries are on the decline, others are experiencing massive growth.

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