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Our Austin sales recruiters are experts in finding top sales people from Dallas to Houston and across Texas.

Austin is the fastest growing city in the United States. With a projected economic growth rate of 6.1%, the need for businesses to land and expand in this market has increased ten-fold.

That’s why Peak has regional representation in Austin to better serve your organization’s sales hiring requirements not only in Texas, but throughout the Southern United States.

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Transform Your Austin Sales Force and Outsell the Competition

Our recruiters understand that your organization isn’t interested in the 90% of the sales population who miss their sales targets.

You’re not interested in sorting through hundreds of resumes of unqualified people who can’t sell, and won’t thrive in your unique selling environment, or organizational culture.

You need talent who understand your buyers, the intricacies of the Austin market, and have proven they can penetrate and grow the key accounts listed in your sales strategy.

That’s the sales and sales leadership talent we deliver.

Let Peak Make Talent Your Competitive Advantage

Our structured, rigorous, and scientific methodology integrates and augments your existing sales process, organizational design, and recruiting models to quickly deliver candidates who:

  • Rank in the top 10% of the Austin sales population because they and their teams have consistently exceeded industry averages by more than 150%.
  • Have exceeded their sales goals over the last 5 consecutive years
  • Have the sales DNA needed to connect with buyers, increase deal win rates, and reduce sales cycle times, and sales force turnover rates.

With more than three decades of sales recruiting experience in the Texas market, our service improves critical sales talent acquisition metrics including time-to-hire, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, time-to-ramp, and quality of hire.

So if you need Austin’s, Houston’s, or Dallas’ best sales professionals on your team, contact Peak today.

+5000 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak Sales Recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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I’m ready. Find me top performers