Tough Decisions – Rebuilding the Sales Team

This morning I had breakfast with friend and President and CEO of Stratford Managers, Jim Roche. They are a progressive group, helping companies achieve growth and profitability through a mix of consulting and acting executive engagements. They are a sales savvy bunch as well.

In a recent blog post, When It’s Time To Rebuild Your Sales Team, they discuss one of the tough decisions facing CEO’s today: whether to tear apart and reconstruct a non-performing sales team. The article argues that when the picture is bleak and all other actions, such strategy, training and new tools have failed to deliver results, it is time for rebuilding and offer the following advice to CEO’S:

  • Ensure you recruit the very best new sales staff you can afford.
  • Simultaneously rebuild and document your sales processes.
  • Take a clinical approach to Customer Relationship Management.
  • Cultivate adaptability to change as a core competency within the Sales organization
  • Lead with inspiration and motivation not through fear.
  • Empower your VP of Sales and your highly experienced Sales staff.

Read the full version of this post here on Stratford’s blog : When It’s Time To Rebuild Your Sales Team