Should you accept a few white lies from a candidate? (Requires 30 seconds to read)

white lies How would you feel if you found out one of your employees lied during an interview? What if it was just a couple of small inconsequential white lies? Is it ok to lie during a job interview? Most will say “no”. But what about occasional white lies? Is that ok?

A few white lies during the interview process are signals that there may be more deceitful behaviors with managers, peers and customers down the road. The behavior you see in the interview process is likely the behavior you (and your customers) will see later. If lying is acceptable at the start it becomes acceptable at the finish.

There is no place for lying in our profession. Sales people that are honest and open with clients will be rewarded with long-term, lucrative relationships. Once a fraud, always a fraud. Successful teams and companies are built with honest reps. It pays to be honest.

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