Rave Reviews for Peak Sales Recruiting

Merck“Peak plays a critical role in the success of our organization. Peak’s integrated approach to sales hiring ensures that we hire high caliber reps who will produce, produce quickly and help us achieve our business objectives”
– Sean Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing, Merck

Bell“Peak Sales Recruiting got us performance-oriented salespeople who are helping to raise the bar for sales productivity across the organization. Peak has become a strategic resource in planning and executing sales hiring initiatives.”
– Richard Sheppard, VP Sales, Bell Canada

cryptocardlogo“The critical characteristic of a great recruiting firm is their ability to get inside your business and understand “what makes it tick,” then finding the people that fit.

Most firms pay lip service to this and try to fill positions based on bullets about the role and title. Peak has so much depth in the market that they are able to find not just candidates but the right candidates that “fit.”

One of my biggest beefs with Peak is that I’m usually faced with choosing between exceptional candidates. What a nice problem to have.” – Bill Laham, President, Cryptocard, Inc.

Lundy“Peak’s professionalism and high level of service makes them stand out from all the other recruiters in being able to attract top talent.”
– Sean Lundy, CEO, Lundy Construction

Rove“Peak found people who fit my roles perfectly. Exactly what we needed to drive our sales organization. The hires immediately became top performers on our team.”
– Robert Woodbridge, CEO, Rove Mobile

Overlay-TV“When I need to find top performing salespeople, fast… I call Peak!”
– Rob Lane, CEO, Overlay.TV

Mann+Hummel logo“During a period that our company was making a strategic change in the way we were going to market, we identified the need for specific additions to our sales team.

Peak took the time up front to learn who we are, where we are going and how we plan to get there. Peak helped us to focus by leading us through a process to clearly identify the roles and skills sets that were necessary for success in each of these strategic positions. Then Peak began to recruit to the identified requirements. Peak was able to find candidates that I am convinced we would not have surfaced with our normal recruiting methods. The other thing that we discovered is that candidates were much better prepared for interviews.

They had basic information about us and were able to ask better and more, specific questions. We believe that interviewing is about us finding the skill sets and personalities that fit our organization. But, interviewing is also about the candidate getting the information to make a positive decision about this is the company where I want to create my future.

The better prepared candidates allowed us and the candidates to better utilize the interview process and match expectations. The result was that we were able to bring people into our organization that began to make an immediate Impact on our results. During this process Peak became a strategic extension of the company with great results. Our experience with Peak was very positive and we will continue in the future to partner with Peak and I can without hesitation recommend their services.” – Dale Wagner, Director Human Resources, MANN+HUMMEL USA INC.

Titus“I am absolutely impressed with your service.”
– Scott Morin, VP Sales, Titus

Logo for CHANNEL Assist“Peak’s hire outsold our other reps combined and based on the hire, we raised quotas and made some team changes to align with the new benchmark.”
– David Auld, CEO, Channel Assist

ConceptShare logo“I was blown away by the success I had with Peak when it came to hiring someone for a more senior role. The hire that I ended up making through Peak has surpassed all of my expectations.”
– Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare

Autoskill logo“I am extremely impressed with the quality of candidates Peak produced and the short period of time in which they have been presented. Their competencies and backgrounds are aligned perfectly with my plans.”
– Sean Sykes, VP Sales, Autoskill Inc.

ExitCertified logo“Peak’s customer focus is truly impressive. From the moment that we began working with them, their clear and ongoing communication helped to establish a relationship of trust. They conducted a comprehensive needs assessment, provided us a detailed candidate profile, and worked with us to create a flexible long term plan that will allow us to overcome our challenges to strategic growth. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Peak Sales, and would recommend them to any organization looking to hire the best sales talent for their industry.”
– Hees Ham, Partner, ExitCertified

Gridiron Software logo“They didn’t waste my time. They understood what I was looking for and delivered against my expectations.”
– Peter Lalonde, VP Sales, Gridiron Software

Mentor“Really happy with your service. You saved us a ton of time and effort.”
– Lee Groff, CEO, Mentor Tech Source

Enduria Wireless logo“Thanks again for the hire. We are very pleased and look forward to having him grow with EWS!”
– Luc Gervais, COO, Enduria Wireless

Veritaaq logo“Very satisfied with Peak’s service. Very likely to recommend Peak’s service to my colleagues and very likely to use the service again.”
– Jordan Huck, Vice President of Sales, Veritaaq

Lystek logo“Extremely satisfied with Peak’s service. Very likely to recommend Peak’s service to my colleagues and very like to use the service again.”
– Frederick Mosher P. Eng, President and CEO, Lystek International

Simba Technologies logo“Peak started by understanding our sales goals and challenges. We had a very difficult type of sales hire to make and we were impressed that Peak found the right candidates and presented them to us. The best sales talent out there is not looking to change jobs, so Peak proactively searches for those kind of sales professionals and presents a small number of highly qualified sales people that fit our business and sales needs. Our sales hires are critical and we are glad to be working with a recruiter that understands how to get the right people onto our sales team. We are extremely happy with Peak’s service and will certainly use Peak again.”
– Amyn Rajan, CEO Simba Technologies

Active Operations Management logo“Very satisfied with Peak’s service. Very likely to recommend Peak’s service to my colleagues and very likely to use the service again.”
– Terry Woods, CEO, Active Operations Management US

OpenRoad logo“Excellent recruiting service with a different model than most. Lower cost than a traditional recruiter.”
– Darren Gibbons, Co-Founder and President, OpenRoad

norsat_header_logo“Very satisfied with Peak’s service. Very likely to recommend Peak’s service to my colleagues and very likely to use the service again.”
– Brian Donnely, Director of Sales and Marketing, Norsat International

Tomlinson Logo“Peak knows how to find high calibre executives who are ideally suited to help us grow our business. We are very happy with our partnership with Peak.”
– Kevin Cinq-Mars, Vice President, Tomlinson Group of Companies

N-able“Peak took the time to understand our sales function and business needs, then focused on not only finding great sales people, but finding those that can produce in our unique sales environment and help our business grow.”
– Meagan Dunk, HR Manager, N-Able Technologies

Corporate Renaissance Group logo“Peak dug deep into our sales function and business needs in order to get the right sales people to us – we are very happy with the outcome and would return to peak in the future.”
– John Smith, Director, Enterprise Business Solutions, Corporate Renaissance Group

Bessner-Gallay-Kreisman“We are very happy with the service we received from Peak. Our business and brand were effectively represented by Peak in its recruiting efforts and that created the right positive impression with the high calibre professionals we wanted to hire. The service exceeded all our expectations and we would definitely recommend Peak.”
– Michael McCrann, Partner, Bessner Gallay Kreisman, LLP

Watertrax logo“Peak’s process is very thorough starting with its structured sales environment analysis and identification of criteria a candidate would need in order to be successful all the way thorough to in depth screening and cross referencing of candidates. The sales people we needed are very unique and difficult to find and we were impressed that Peak proactively sought and found the right candidates and presented them to us quickly. Peak is not like other recruiters. They didn’t just throw dozens of questionable resumes at us. They presented a small number of highly qualified sales people that fit our business and sales needs and throughout the whole process we were kept well informed and in step with Peak’s recruiting team. Peak provides an exceptional service and finds top quality sales talent fast. We are extremely happy with Peak’s service and would definitely recommend using Peak.”
– James Griffiths, General Manager, Watertrax

global-commercial-credit-llc-service-coverage-claims-85154632“We came to Peak seeking a very unique type of sales hire. Peak’s advice and guidance on a sales compensation plan and insight into the Global Commercial Credit LLC. Logosales psyche was very helpful. Peak took the time to understand our business and sales needs and found us great candidates. Communication during the process was very good and we received comprehensive analysis of each candidate which helped us in our selection. We intend to work with Peak again.”
– David Gibson, Chief Operating Officer, Global Commercial Credit

“Peak has helped my client tremendously. We hired a newglobulus VP of Business Development and within his first week he started bringing in new opportunities. He is in the midst of deploying our sales strategy, and will be expanding the organization’s customer base from 2 clients regionally to 20 clients nationally. My client’s revenues are expected to double – if not triple – within the next 5 years.”
– Tim LaFaver, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Globulus Solutions