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The best sales professionals in New York are a special breed…

They are the type of people that see their quota as the mandatory minimum. The type of people that understands the never sleep, get up and go mentality that NYC requires. The type of salespeople that Peak Sales Recruiting presents to you – the Top B2B Performers.

From 14th St. to Wall St., our New York sales recruiters find your organization only the sales and sales management professionals you want and need. We find you these Top B2B Performers by doing what no other sales recruiting firm in Silicon Alley does.

Using our time-tested methodology, our team works with your organization to identify the top hiring criteria that all candidates must possess to even be considered by our recruiters. Then we headhunt – that’s right, we go after the candidates that are actively and gainfully employed because the best aren’t searching for a new position – they are too busy closing deals. But we don’t stop there – all of the candidates we recruit go through Peak’s rigorous scientific evaluation and assessment process to ensure they make a meaningful impact on your organization’s bottom line.

And because more world-class companies in New York City, White Plains, Syracuse, Newark, Jersey City, and right down to New Haven continue to choose Peak to build their sales teams, we guarantee that the candidates we present understand your target market and increase win rates. In fact, Peak has been recognized by the Manhattan Award Program as being the leading sales recruiter in New York City.

So whether you’re looking for a sales representative, sales manager, director of sales, or a sales VP to lead your organization to new heights, Peak Sales can help. Contact our NYC office today to find your organization the best sales talent the Tri-state area has to offer or click here to learn more about the benefits of our service.

“Very satisfied with Peak’s service. Very likely to recommend Peak’s service to my colleagues and very likely to use the service again.”
-Terry Woods, CEO, Active Operations Management (AOM) US

+500 CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and HR executives have realized the benefits of choosing Peak for their sales recruiting. Now it’s your turn.

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I’m ready. Find me top performers