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5 Reasons Not to Promote Your Best Salespeople

5 Reasons Not to Promote Your Best Salespeople to the Management Team [Video]

In many companies, it’s typical to see the most successful salespeople be promoted to the management team. Who better to take on more responsibility in the sales organization than someone who consistently meets their number? However, research shows that more than 75% of salespeople promoted to a management role will not last 2 years before returning to a sales […]

6 Reasons Your Sales Team Compensation Plan is Failing

6 Reasons Your Sales Team Compensation Plan is Failing [Infographic]

Your sales team compensation plan has a significant impact on attracting top performing salespeople and maximizing their performance. Creating the ultimate sales compensation plan can mean the difference between building a sales team that makes the number, or one that misses it by a mile. That’s why at Peak, we conducted a comprehensive study to […]

Sales Management Mistakes

Debunking 14 Common Sales Management Misconceptions

Sales management is quite possibly the most misunderstood role in business. Why? Sales managers play a unique role – they not only select, build, lead, coach, and manage front-line salespeople, but also act as a customer and business manager. Since these responsibilities compete and pull sales managers in multiple directions, the activities that are most […]

How Top Salespeople Spend Their Free Time VIDEO

How the Best Sales Reps Spend Their Free Time [Video]

Top performing salespeople conduct themselves differently. They are just as disciplined and committed to achieving their goals inside the office, as they are at home. While an average sales rep may only be committed to success Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, A-players seize opportunity for success 24/7. While unplugging at the end of the day […]