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Handling Counter Offers

Handling Counter Offers when Sales Recruiting

Having to deal with counter offers is one of the most difficult challenges facing successful companies looking to grow and attract great talent. Great employees are hard to find, highly sought after and almost always gainfully employed. No employer wants to lose people like this without a fight, so when an employer learns that one of the their […]

10 things HR needs from sales

The 10 Things HR Leaders Need From The VP of Sales

To enhance the ability of HR to find qualified, proven sales talent, sales leaders need to provide deep insight into the sales organization including: team performance, culture, hiring timelines and ideal profiles, compensation plans, and individual development plans.  In the most successful organizations, human resource and sales leaders partner to drive their company forward. They […]

Why great sales people do not get hired

Why Great Sales Candidates Get Rejected

We see it all the time. A great sales candidate meets with a prospective employer who rejects the candidate and elects to hire someone else. Oftentimes the reasons are legitimate – such as poor cultural fit – but many times, there are no logical reasons for the decision not to consider the candidate who would in all […]

Non Mandatory Hiring Criteria for Sales Professionals

Need-to-Haves That You Don’t Need When Hiring Salespeople

Prospective clients often come to us with a typical problem: many of the salespeople they hired seemed great during the interview process, but under-performed once they were hired. When a new sales hire doesn’t work out, the loss is huge. Poor-performing salespeople can cost thousands in lost opportunities and revenue, and worse yet—damage a company’s reputation […]