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Effective Sales Hiring Tips

Hiring Salespeople: A Core Process You Must Perfect

If you haven’t built a team of highly qualified and skilled sales professionals, don’t waste your time and money investing in sales processes, training, compensation plans, technology, marketing support, or strong products and services. Depending on the industry, somewhere between 20 and 33 percent of salespeople aren’t capable of being successful at their jobs. It’s […]

Top Performing Salespeople are Different From the Rest

5 Ways Top Performing Salespeople Are Different From the Rest [Video]

Great salespeople do more than just consistently drive profitable revenue for their employers. They inspire confidence in customers and partners, increase brand trust, and contribute to a positive company culture. And, these salespeople are rare, representing only 10 to 15 percent of the sales population. If you want to accurately identify these top salespeople in an interview […]

7 Skills Essential to Sales Success

Top 7 Characteristics Essential to Sales Success [Infographic]

Evidence of common attributes amongst top salespeople comes from many high profile studies. Spend some time with top sales talent and it will quickly become evident that they share common characteristics. Sales leaders of high performance sales teams understand that knowing these traits is critical in the hiring of their sales reps. So, what are the characteristics […]

5 Skills the Best Salespeople Possess

Do Your Salespeople Have These 5 Essential Sales Skills to be Successful? [Video]

Top sales talent is continuing to become more and more rare. In fact, a recent study found that the greatest salespeople – those who exceed quota year over year – make up a mere 20% of the total sales workforce. So, what gives this small talent pool their competitive edge? Here are 5 sales skills […]