The Benefits You Experience

Peak Sales Recruiting’s service provides significant benefits for four key stakeholders to drive stronger company sales, performance and results.

For the VP Sales


We help accelerate and ensure superior long-term sales growth by:

  • Delivering highly-qualified, proven top-performing sales professionals who
    • Begin producing fast
    • Consistently meet or exceed their sales targets, without unnecessarily discounting or reducing margins
    • Help ensure longer, more productive customer relationships that generate greater sales (upsell, cross-sell, renewals) and higher retention rates
  • Offloading a time-consuming recruiting process, thus freeing up your sales leadership to focus on urgent or important sales activities
  • Reducing the time spent training, coaching and managing under-performing sales people
  • Delivering proven sales professionals that can help more effectively drive a broader change in sales culture


For the VP Human Resources


We enhance the effectiveness of HR teams by:

  • Augmenting their expertise with complementary, sales-specific recruiting expertise, quickly delivering to them a large number of highly suitable candidates,
  • Reducing the time spent trying to fill essential sales positions
  • Reducing sales turnover


For the CFO


We reduce operating costs by:

  • Minimizing sales turnover and reducing the costs associated with re-hiring, and on-boarding
  • Helping to make your organization an ‘employer of choice’ for other high performing sales talent thus reducing future recruiting costs
  • Reducing the number of marketing leads that need to be generated, and marketing costs incurred, as a result of a higher closing ratio


For the CEO and Board


We enhance company valuation, and investor confidence and attractiveness by helping you to:

  • More quickly and consistently meet or exceed sales forecasts
  • More quickly and confidently assess the true magnitude of market segments by removing the “seller effectiveness” question
  • Increase market share and improve your competitive position


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